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  Ph: (603) 889-7655
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QUAD Dive Computer

The Mares Quad Wrist Dive Computer is incredibly user friendly and packed with some amazing features. This wrist dive computer will go the depths with you down to an impressive 492 feet, and no matter what depth you’re at, the jumbo-sized display screen will be clear and easily readable (even in low light conditions thanks to the backlight function). Get information including your current depth, maximum depth, dive time, and temperature. As you ascend, you can access your ascent speed in feet/meters per minute. You've even got a stopwatch feature on this handy dive computer. When you get done diving, you can download your dive info onto a PC or MAC in a flash.


  • Ph: (603) 889-7655
  • DJ Square – 704 Milford Road
  • Merrimack, NH 03054
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday  10am - 6pm
                Saturday            10am - 4pm
                Closed Sunday & Monday